Copenhagen day 1

Early flight from Edinburgh airport using some airmiles to Copenhagen. We arrived about 11am and were able to check into the Marriot. Hadn’t had much to eat as there was nothing on the flight … and there’s only so many free pastries you can eat in the club lounge. Once we’d dropped off our stuff we headed off into the city centre. We spotted a wagamama near Tivoli Gardens so ate too much there … along with a Carlsberg. Wandered off down the main shopping area for a few hours then headed back to the Tivoli Gardens. We were fairly apprehensive about finding something to eat that wasn’t pizza, since Denmark seemed less veggy friendly than Stockholm a few years ago. Amazingly we found somewhere which did a vegeterian dish of the day which was fantastic … though the gloog certainly helped. Then it was back to the hotel where we had another couple of glasses of wine and Denmark lived up to it’s expensive reputation at £9 per glass 🙁 .