Month: June 2009


After a drive back to Harrogate and a night there, Tuesday is Sunderland and Newcastle. With balmy weather I accidently find myself walking around in local uniform (T-shirt), while the locals themselves are in jumpers. A Newcastle Brown doesn’t go down well…


After visiting Fife, it’s an overnight stay in Edinburgh. We go to our favourite Chinese Restaurant, Wang’s (now called something else) on Lady Lawson Street. Starters were ok … though a little burned. Main meals come out with orders messed up … which we deal with … until the mapo tofu appears … with pork. …

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Kingdom of Adventure

After a week of driving across the country, Therese and I head for … Kirkcaldy. After months, neigh years, of planning, my good friend Dave finally opens his games and comic book shop. We arrive at Kingdom of Adventure early afternoon. Disaster, we’ve missed the stormtroopers and Lord Vader. Luckily, we clean up on a …

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Back in Favour

After an borderline confrontational discussion with a racist last week, we return to the Gardner’s Arms. Fortunately the bigot isn’t there, though her much nicer husband is. We engage in a much more enlightening conversation with him and some of his octogenarian friends on their trips round the world whilst in service. Including in Suez. …

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Long drive down in advance of my first day at work… A1, M18, M1 and so on … 3.5 hours later I’m in Abingdon and … most bizarrely at De Vere Milton Hill … where I last stayed with IBM around 11 years previously. Tomorrow … work!