Month: January 2011

Gardening 2011

£100 worth of seeds and tubers ordered … Item Description   Lady Christl Potato (First Early)   Kestrel Potato (Second Early)   Maris Piper Potato (Maincrop)   Beetroot Globe 2 Seeds   Carrot F1 Komarno Seeds   Carrot Early Nantes 5 Seeds   Radicchio Palla Rossa Bella Seeds (Raphanus)   Cabbage F1 Rubeny Seeds   …

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New Lanark

Hurrah! Back at the hotel the view has cleared. Here’s how things look from the living room. Well, I did say we’d received an upgrade. The next morning we drive into the city centre and have breakfast at common in Royal Exchange Square. It’s the first fried bread I’ve experienced in years. The first bite …

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