Month: December 2015

House Boat

The highlight of our trip to Kerala: 3 days on a houseboat. We’re initially apprehensive. Most visitors only seem to be going for one night. Are we going to get bored? Will we just go round the same area three times? Too late … we’re off! And one thing we see a LOT of is …

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To Alappuzha

Early flight to Kochi and taxi further South to Alappuzha. We check into a Ramada for the night as we’ll be on a house boat for the following three. The room is the second worst we’ve been in. Only beaten by the hostel in Melbourne in 2009. I say as much to the hotel manager …

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Boxing day stroll

Therese finally crosses the road near the hotel. I get excited spotting the little known evolutionary step between the Zx81 and Spectrum. We take in some more French influence. Therese finds another namesake establishment And we head for the promenade… Which is much quieter today. Following iced tea, there’s the usual tuktuk trip back and …

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