Month: September 2017

Twitter digest week ending 25-09-2017

RT @TechnicallyRon: "Hey you're that fucking idiot with terrible hair who tricked an entire country into making themselves look like morons… 21:45:39, 2017-09-19 RT @eojmorris: This from Piers Morgan about Jeremy Corbyn and Hector Bellerin is amazing ? 21:46:08, 2017-09-19 RT @PJTheEconomist: The government has an official position on fiscal effects of Brexit. This …

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Twitter digest week ending 18-09-2017

RT @jeremycorbyn: At Prime Minister’s Questions today, @Theresa_May showed just how divorced she and the @Conservatives are from reality. #… 20:35:36, 2017-09-13 I hope Karma really exists Jacob Rees-Mogg: increased use of food banks is 'rather uplifting' 17:05:56, 2017-09-14 RT @jeremycorbyn: Today, the Tories knew they'd lose if there was a vote on Labour's …

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