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May 02

Field shows signs of recovery.

Probably over 10 years since its had any attention, nettles and thistles finally tamed. A proper harrowing and a new shed. Still too wet to roll though. Next stop: polytunnel.

Jul 19

Over the hill

Saturday walk with Rich, Sahil and what seems like everyone else over the moor… To the pub!

Apr 18

Heptonstall Moor

From our house along the lane over the moor. Then pack horse for lunch (not dinner) and back. Around four hours on our feet. Awesome weather today. Last picture…. The final descent back to our house…

Apr 01

and it’s legal!

    We’re still on oil … but only for the Aga. This is what a Biomass boiler and buffer tank look like. The office is now around 30% smaller (and 100% warmer)  The house will now be heated by renewable sources. and thankfully, as of last Friday at 1600 we had listed building consent formally approved. …

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Mar 27

Aaayyyyyyeeeeemmm in the danger zone

Electrician, plasterer, joiner, and general building works all going on…

Mar 25

Builders yard

All change outside. Pellet store and automated feeder under construction.

Mar 21

It’s stopped raining

A momentous occasion. The weather is really improving and we’ve even been been able to start drying clothes outside.

Mar 20

Hopper foundation

All going well. In a week this will be a pellet store for a biomass boiler.

Mar 20

Chimney seals

Not a sight you see everyday. Apparently our chimneys haven’t been sealed for over a decade.

Mar 20


Solar eclipse from our house today. Only 90% – but still got bloody cold when it happened!      

Jan 29

New stove #2 of 3

For the hall to replace the aging one. Morsø. Final stove due next week.

Jan 01

New year

At some point new year’s eve the room erupted into spontaneous dancing.

Dec 28

Walking the moors

Seconds from our house we can walk to the moors. Not far too a pub in the middle of nowhere then a leisurely return.