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Jul 03


6 nights in the Sicilian hills First photo is view from our hotel… Villa Taormina.

Jun 25

Pizza in Naples. Day 1

Late into Naples, Da Michele is too busy. We end up at Lombardi 1892.  Waiting for pizza. Eating pizza. Wasting pizza (I had a lighter marinara… No waste) Post pizza coma. And wine

Oct 15

Vegetarian growth

From Italy.

Sep 18

Change of plan – Verona

We’ve done enough of Venice, so decide to break up the trip with a stop in Verona. Leaving the Hilton (left) it’s a fairly quick train from Venice to Verona, marred only by Daily Mail ‘readers’ sitting across from us. We’ve gone ‘independent’ (I know, shock as we actually *pay* for a hotel) and have …

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Sep 18


Over to Lido, which apparently  fell from grace a couple of decades ago. Well, it’s on the mend. Lovely, quiet and a very different less touristy feel than Venice. That night it’s (1) cocktails on the roof of the hotel (2) the most amazing diner at Zucca … including too much Italian dessert wine thrown …

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Sep 17

Venice, Day 2

Nice view at breakfast (left) then over to the main Islands. Gratuitous ‘selfie’ at the Rialto. We even find the hotel we stayed in seven years ago! (right) St Mark’s Square (where I have my 1st Negroni of the trip) We do a lot of walking to locate a ‘less touristy’ restaurant (which is fairly …

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Sep 16

To Venice

A VERY long day. Taxi to train station. Train to London. Train to Gatwick. Flight to Venice. Boat to hotel. All not helped by the BA flight being 3 hours late. After a bird hitting the flight incoming, time was spent assessing whether the plane was fit to fly. Around 60 minutes later, all was …

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Jul 20

Return to Rome

Following a quiet Friday, it’s a reasonably early start Saturday. Packing is complete and due to a change of flight schedule, we have a spare day before the return to the UK on Sunday. We decide to stay at the airport and travel into Rome. The Hilton has been elected as it’s attached to the …

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Jul 17


Drive to Arezzo and train to Florence. Parking in Florence looked disastrous and the trains in Italy are ace. I get to do to the Galileo museum! Yay! This also includes some of his telescopes and … his finger… Down side of the multiple modes of transport is we don’t get back to the ranch …

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Jul 16

Il Capannino

It’s Therese’s birthday! I don’t know how – but she didn’t noticed the birthday cards smuggled from the UK. A relaxing day, we drive down to the local village of Pieve Santo Stefano and wander around doing not much at all. The people we’re renting the villa from have recommended “Il Capannino”, which is up …

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Jul 14

The storm!

This is a do nothing day. Read. Eat. Drink. Lounge by the pool. And swim some. That evening – the storm which has been threating all afternoon arrives. Except it’s stuck a couple of miles away in the hills. We watch, supping our wine …

Jul 13

Pieve Santo Stefano

The last week of our honeymoon is self catering in Tuscany. We’re in the hamlet of Mignano, a couple of miles (on a fairly rough road) from Sieve Santo Stefano. It’s not that far from where we are in Perugia, so we stop in Arrezo for lunch. Following a shop at an out of town …

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Jul 12


Day trip to Gubbio. This almost feels like the ‘Harrogate’ of the area. All very clean, lots of ‘executive’ cars, many restaurants and an absence of graffiti. Still, however it manages to do what it does, it’s nice … if lacking a little atmosphere. Back for our last night at Castello Di Monterone, we’re in …

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Jul 11


After breakfast, we drive to Perugia. The hotel staff are ace and tip is to where best to park at the base, leaving only a ten minute march to the centre. One thing we have noticed in Italy is the recent trend for people to have matching trousers and shoes. This man has gone a …

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Jul 10

Rome > Perugia

Time for Perugia. Omelette near Tritone (some American tourists order pasta with tomato and chicken for breakfast. and starters). The (fast) train to the airport and, amazingly, a reasonably short queue at the Hertz desk. Avis must have been doing a good deal (or is locked in with airlines) as the queue there appears to …

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