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Aug 14

Twitter digest week ending 14-08-2017

RT @SenBlumenthal: Mr. President: Your bullying hasn't worked before and it won't work now. No one is above the law. 11:25:23, 2017-08-08 RT @ChelseaClinton: Just awful: https://t.co/bDOazCZR65 21:40:33, 2017-08-08 RT @MarkDuplass: It would suck to live in N Korea where your leader impulsively threatens & insults large groups of people, putting u in da… 22:04:03, …

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Aug 07

Twitter digest week ending 07-08-2017

Democracy is dying – and it’s startling how few people are worried https://t.co/hgZvNmXa2N 02:21:04, 2017-08-01 RT @AynRandPaulRyan: BREAKING: Trump dictated son’s misleading statement on meeting with Russian lawyer https://t.co/JBz8V6T7Jz 02:23:49, 2017-08-01 RT @tedlieu: This is beyond just consciousness of guilt by @realDonaldTrump. This is a cover-up. Fun fact: Nixon resigned because of the co… 02:23:56, …

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Jul 31

Twitter digest week ending 31-07-2017

RT @chrissyteigen: After 9 years of hating Donald J Trump, telling him "lol no one likes you" was the straw https://t.co/MhZ6bXT1Dp 19:11:39, 2017-07-25 'Humane milk is a myth': veganism advert cleared by standards body https://t.co/zoMlClLRiY 06:06:30, 2017-07-26 RT @JoeBiden: Every patriotic American who is qualified to serve in our military should be able to serve. …

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Jul 24

Twitter digest week ending 24-07-2017

RT @GeorgeTakei: If you think making Dr. Who a woman is bad, try dealing with Sulu being GAY now. 03:01:55, 2017-07-18 RT @paulandstorm: @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/hp58tGHgSB 03:42:37, 2017-07-18 RT @jowrotethis: Tell me again how women are treated the same as men. https://t.co/vmvAWfGMFI 19:31:17, 2017-07-18 RT @RepAdamSchiff: To destroy a healthcare system that works is the height …

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Jul 10

Twitter digest week ending 10-07-2017

RT @paulmasonnews: Daytime TV’s theme is insecurity – and it’s driving voters to the right | Paul Mason https://t.co/gohFYf2rwj 06:35:03, 2017-07-04 RT @haveigotnews: In cinemas today: https://t.co/InGttr5mGB 06:39:55, 2017-07-04 RT @GeorgeTakei: The truth about Medicaid that too many Americans don't understand. @Mic https://t.co/uU3tFMaY1z 06:43:23, 2017-07-04 RT @DerbyChrisW: Read this pathetic response to a nurse from …

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Jul 03

Twitter digest week ending 03-07-2017

RT @kezdugdale: Finding £1bn down the back of the couch for DUP deal proves once and for all: Austerity is a choice not a necessity. Shame… 10:12:46, 2017-06-27 RT @JonnieMarbLes: Tuition fees £0 School meals £0 DUP bribe £1,500,000,000 Libraries £0 someone who is good at politics help me budget thi… 11:54:16, 2017-06-27 RT @laurenduca: …

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Jun 26

Twitter digest week ending 26-06-2017

RT @miqdaad: Disgusting (albeit changed): Mail Online victim-blame Muslims for attack on Muslim worshippers outside Muslim Welfare House #F… 02:54:36, 2017-06-20 RT @jonsnowC4: Its Official: Bank of England Governor tells the City: Brexit has made us poorer. 08:48:26, 2017-06-20 RT @Ed_Miliband: Don't normally quote compliments–honest–but thanks….who was the lady in red next to you at …

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Jun 19

Twitter digest week ending 19-06-2017

RT @haveigotnews: Having sacked the previous team for incompetence, Theresa May’s new advisers arrive at Number 10: https://t.co/SHwLYQL9oQ 02:48:19, 2017-06-13 RT @tedlieu: Dear Ivanka: Your father's Muslim Ban is pretty damn vicious. As is Eric Trump saying Dems are not people. So please stop your… 02:48:54, 2017-06-13 RT @OwenJones84: No worries, Patrick, worked my guts …

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Jun 12

Twitter digest week ending 12-06-2017

RT @adamec87: Stephen Hawking, regularly referred to as the world's smartest man, has backed Jeremy Corbyn. https://t.co/SMLLpNFFBD 02:37:18, 2017-06-06 RT @MichaelPDeacon: How Theresa May fearlessly took Donald Trump to task. This morning's quotes in full https://t.co/vf6pgNfjSk https://t.c… 06:36:11, 2017-06-06 RT @paulmasonnews: Postal votes missing in 2x critical marginals. Student votes wiped out. Council responsible is …

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Jun 05

Twitter digest week ending 05-06-2017

RT @Ed_Miliband: The pollsters have been off my Christmas card list since 2015. #justsaying 06:33:02, 2017-05-31 RT @jeremycorbyn: .@Theresa_May come & debate me. Any time. Any place. Britain deserves to see the only two people who could be the next Pr… 19:38:19, 2017-05-31 RT @VicenteFoxQue: .@realDonaldTrump's withdrawal from #ParisAgreement will be his legacy: one of …

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May 29

Twitter digest week ending 29-05-2017

RT @lilyallen: Please ignore Piers, Hopkins, they thrive on hate. Profit even.Don't engage. #moreincommon 07:54:19, 2017-05-24 RT @lilyallen: If this had happened when you were editing the Mirror, you'd be listening to all their voicemails now, wouldn't you ? You in… 20:07:41, 2017-05-24 RT @rschles: Trump apparently doesn't realize that France too has le Google. …

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May 22

Twitter digest week ending 22-05-2017

Very few voters to spoil Theresa May's day as she chills on Facebook Live https://t.co/hC2RIYsaNX 06:40:43, 2017-05-16 RT @StephenKing: Trump releases classified info to the Russians. Not fake news; not liberal bias. Folks, HE'S DOING THIS TO HIMSELF. 07:43:45, 2017-05-16 RT @GeorgeTakei: Paul Ryan in 2016, on Clinton's classified info: "Individuals who are 'extremely careless' …

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May 15

Twitter digest week ending 15-05-2017

Facebook is abusive. It's time to divorce it https://t.co/2O0aPSTjHA 07:57:42, 2017-05-09 Enemies of the state?:? the 40-year Tory project to shrink public services https://t.co/4WzxssPFz3 07:57:43, 2017-05-09 RT @Number10cat: It takes a special kind of disconnect to talks about your fondness for #foxhunting while speaking to factory workers https… 19:19:31, 2017-05-09 RT @NotTheToryPress: Tory values – …

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May 08

Twitter digest week ending 08-05-2017

Oh dear https://t.co/Gza4Nq5Kat 10:31:30, 2017-05-02 https://t.co/78VZ2CFMLu 07:32:27, 2017-05-03 RT @RussianEmbassy: Praise God it's not Russia this time https://t.co/irebYz8aKE 16:42:46, 2017-05-04 RT @TMayCasebooks: 9. Boris's Kerfuffling Befuddlement 10. Laura's Voting Quandary 11. Liam's Traitorous Mum 12. Deborah's Difficult Dinne… 16:53:17, 2017-05-04 RT @GeorgeTakei: Jared's family is hocking "investor visas" to wealthy Chinese citizens who invest in …

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May 01

Twitter digest week ending 01-05-2017

If ever there was a time to vote Labour, it is now https://t.co/DIjfeDogPI 07:22:53, 2017-04-26 RT @TrumpDraws: my lemonade stand (update) https://t.co/Owwv1hNjGn 20:42:58, 2017-04-27 RT @StopFundingHate: Today's Daily Express advertisers include: @VodafoneUK @BT_UK @Tesco @Morrisons @AldiUK @Icelandfoods @DFS @LV @Multiy… 06:01:11, 2017-04-28 RT @haveigotnews: In cinemas today. https://t.co/nXtgaajlM3 08:52:52, 2017-04-30 RT @VicenteFoxQue: A real and …

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