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Jul 05

Mount Etna and wine.

Well pictures say it all. Car ride to 2000 metres. A walk around and wine tasting to follow.

Feb 12

My sort of soup kitchen

Just round the corner from where I was staying in Aldwych.

Feb 18

Highland spring wine

Quick swap put with some pouilly fume for the trip home.

Jun 12


Christophe and Hedia visit for the afternoon. It’s the day after Hedia’s birthday. We’ve just had enough time to source a cake from Bettys. We would have baked one (if I knew you were coming, etc) Instead  we have focussed on cooking enough food to last several days. Fresh potatoes, salad and broad beans are …

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Apr 30

Montmartre and beyond

A glorious morning in Paris with the temperature expected to make in into the high 20’s. We grab some pastries from a patisserie and stop off for a coffee. It’s just over thirty minutes from Opera to Montmartre. From there it’s a walk to the left bank, stopping off for some lunch on the way. …

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Mar 20

Through the fuzzy head with chores

Therese invited our new neighbours over last night for a cocktail. 5 hours later and 4 bottles of red … and some dinner, they departed. The following morning a little worse for wear, I decided it would be better to work through the fuzzy head rather than do nothing. New external light fitted, replacing the …

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Dec 30

A partial break in drinking … for 18 hours

Monday … I have two too many Manhattans (that’s two). With 5 units in each it’s a little much for me after Christmas. Tuesday, Ann and Sarah come over. We eat and drink for quite a while. Wednesday, it’s to Roarke and Naomi’s. We drink (coffee), then we’re off to Cheryl’s where we eat and …

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Nov 11

Indian, Italian, Nothing, Hangover.

Therese joins me in London this week (at least for a few days). Monday we ate at “A taste of Asia”, where we had a very good Indian and water. Tuesday we try out Santore at Exmouth Market. Exceptionally good, fresh, pizza and wine. Wednesday Therese comes along to a work night out. We end …

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Aug 19

North face of the Eiger

After a good start, I appear to have slowed at the North face of the Eiger. Well, the wallpaper stripping equivalent of the aforesaid Swiss mountain. Two hours to complete around 3 metres. This means the hall won’t be stripped for another week at this rate. On the plus side … an excuse for a …

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Apr 18

Sunny afternoons mean too much wine

Peter and Paula visit for the day (and night). Therese and I have had a frantic morning catching up on chores and I’m still putting up a blind in the bathroom when they arrive. It’s 3pm and the warmest day of the year. Being good hosts we offer some wine. Nine hours (and a vegetarian …

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Nov 12

French … Shiraz…

We picked up a few bottles of this a few days ago. I assumed it was some French folk that had either gone off to California or South Australia. Well, there’s a lot of Scots and Irish out there already, so it wasn’t much of a stretch. But no, it’s Shiraz. From France. Under pressure …

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Nov 04


Another 15km West (see I told you we were taking our time). Another free camping site found in Olhão, down by the port. We’re there by 9AM, given our bodies are now in sync with sunrise and sunset. The downside is we start falling asleep at 6.30 every night. Therese doeth protest too much and …

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Oct 20

Baes de Granada

It’s a fairly long  250km driving West. We’re into Andalucia. Spaghetti Western country (or Jambon Western country) The Scenery is magnificent and includes the house caves near Guadix. We’re at Baes de Granada, which is near … Granada. Camping Alto De Vinuelas to be specific. It’s mid afternoon and the only other people on the …

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Dec 29

Post Christmas Soiree

Therese and I had Abe, Jim and their two wives (Morag and Liz) round last night. Despite there being six of us, we managed to only demolish six bottles of wine … and a bottle of champagne … and a handful of cocktails … and a little port. Our drinks menu is available by clicking …

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